Heart of the South

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Comments from listeners

Here's a collection of feedback we've received:

From a listener in the International Falls area of Minnesota (where 'Heart of the South' airs Sunday mornings at 6:00):  "I have to work on Sundays... your program is a real encouragement to me. Thanks for all you & your wife do!"

From a guitar player in northern Alberta:  "I just love your show, very professional production. I am astonished at the quality of music that's on your show and try to catch it every Saturday on CIAM High Level. thanks and God Bless your efforts"

From a listener in Western Manitoba: "Hi Harold, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your  two-hour program of Southern Gospel singing each week, especially the male quartets. I love the old hymns and Natalie's research on the hymns and authors is much appreciated as well. Keep up the wonderful evenings for us, thank you so much & God bless you both."

From a listener in Southern Manitoba: "Thank you so much for doing the all-hymns broadcast. Such a blessing. Don't want to miss a minute of it. Thanks & hope you will do it again. God bless you. Listen to Heart of the South every Sat eve."

From a listener in Calgary: "Hi, I really enjoy listening to your program every Sat evening."

From a listener in Calgary: "Mom and I both try to arrange our schedules around your program and "The Gospel Greats" program.  We do our very best not to miss a program.  We have especially enjoyed the Christmas music you played through the WHOLE month of December.  Thank you for playing Christmas music after Christmas Day!"

From one of our station's Music Directors:  "Mr Giesbrecht, I feel absolutely terrible that I it has taken me this long to contact you.  I listen to your show every week and I am always completely impressed by the quality...  I want to personally thank you for producing this show for us.  The local touch you add makes it that much more valuable.  I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of hours you must put in.  Thank you for helping us to continue to spread this great music in the best way possible.  I hope to get the opportunity to meet you in Red Deer this year. Once again, keep it up!"

From a listener in Olds, AB: "I was inspired by the nice program, on a Saturday night when some times it is hard to listen or watch anything...I am enjoying listening to your radio show this Saturday night, it is my birthday... Thank you and God Bless you for the fine Radio broadcast."

From a listener in Calgary: "My husband and are just being blessed by your Saturday evening gospel broadcast. It is one of the radio shows that just touches our hearts with so much inspiration and tonights (Gold) City songs are especially touching as we love the hymns.  Ever since  our son and my mother passed 3 weeks apart away 3 years ago, this music is what God has used to heal us and bring us much encouragement... We are thankful for am 1140 for broadcasting your show. It could be another hour though. We are sorry when it is over."

From a listener in Saskatchewan: "Hi Mr Giesbrecht, I listen your radio program on Sat. nights on C.K.S.W @ Swift Current. It is a very good program. I really enjoy it..."

From a listener in Toronto: "Hello, Harold!  I am writing you from Toronto, where I hear your fine program of southern Gospel each week on CFAM in Altona. I visited the station last weekend and had a most enjoyable time. I enjoyed your limelight feature on the Lumber River Quartet this evening and looked them up on the web and was very pleased to hear their singing of "Thanks to Calvary", which you played by Kevin Mills on tonight's program. I only wish I had been in Manitoba to hear both Kevin and the Lumber River Quartet, but, Lord willing, I might just journey out there again and hear them both in the same concert. May God richly bless everyone connected with "Heart of the South".  In the King of Kings"

From a listener in Winnipeg: "Listened to your program this morning.  Sounded really good.  Also really enjoyed all those hymns.  Thank You"

From a song writer/promoter in the USA: "...I thought Harold might have given us some air-play because we have recently gotten quite a few orders from Canada!"

From a listener in Calgary: "...I need to express my appreciation to you Harold for your faithful work you have been doing for years.  How we enjoy when Saturday 7 pm. - 9 pm.  Radio station CHRB 11:40 am. High River, Alberta is on.  My husband & I are enjoying your program more and more.  You do a fantastic work because it is so refreshing and beautiful songs that you select from various groups and individuals.  We love them ALL!  May the Lord richly bless you and use your voice for a very long time..."

From a listener in Airdrie, AB: "We enjoy "Heart of the South" every Saturday evening."